About this blog

This blog aims to provide helpful information to anyone, who is developing plugins for Shopware 6. The idea came to me, because quite often, it can be hard to get information or examples on Shopware 6 development. At least now, in early 2021, when I founded this blog, the system is still fairly new and there are not so many sources for developers, especially in english. I am sure this will gradually improve and I would like to contribute to that as well.

I do not claim to have the cleanest and best solutions, but they usually work and I sincerely hope, that some of my hard earned knowledge, regarding the Shopware 6 plugin development, that I now share, will help others. Feel free to comment the articles, just keep it polite. You can also contact me for help or even contribution to this blog, but no promises – I am quite a busy person. ๐Ÿ™‚

About me

I always liked programming. Since the first Hello world in Pascal and Visual Basic, I enjoyed making things work, react, automate. My career has shifted from a full-time programmer through the years though and I have had little time to concentrate on keeping up with modern trends, including object oriented programming and much more. When I started to work with Shopware and Magento, there were so many new things and concepts, that I had to get used to and understand. However, I have jumped into it quite quickly and I love it, especially the modern and rapidly expanding Shopware 6. So in the end, I think my not so straightforward programming journey kind of makes me the right person to explain stuff in a more simple way, as I myself discover it and share it with you, while it is fresh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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